A network infrastructure must be designed to allow for the core services of the companies to be efficient, always within the perspective of continuity of service, and it must be adequate to support the needs of performance and integration increasing

Since its foundation, Datalit has set itself the objective of designing and building high-tech systems, starting from the analysis and integration of existing systems in the field of LAN, WAN and WLAN.
Our path, our mission, is born from here: solve problems and make fully functional systems, preserving, where possible, previous investments

phoneonly VoIP Systems

We made VoIP telephone systems using the Cisco brand.
In addition to supporting businesses and government agencies in the migration from legacy technology to IP technology we make efficient existing plants.

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desktoponly Networking & Cabling

From the datacenter to distribution we realise networking infrastructure with the best brands equipment on the market. We made structured wiring using copper cables (cat.5e, 6, 6a) or optical fiber with fusion splicing. By the availability of appropriate measurement tools we have certified existing networks built by third parties.

Looks at the case history:

  • Adjustment of core and network infrastructure
  • Advice for adapting lines in order to reduce costs and optimize resources

serveronly Server Systems and Virtualization

By using VMware vSphere virtualization platforms, we optimized server applications in both the public and private sectors. We also have experience in desktop virtualization by using VMWare Horizon and implementation of Thin Clients instead of traditional PC

Below some examples:

cameraonly Video surveillance and Safety Systems

We have experience in analyzing existing plants in order to improve their operation and restore them in case of malfunction.

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